Saturday, 7 January 2012

Counting Blessings

Last month my husband and I celebrated our very first Wedding Anniversary. A very memorable day to celebrate. Not just celebrating our union but also celebrating God's favor upon both of us since long time. We also celebrate our family and friends who have supported us in many ways and stood by us through trials. As I was going through some of my wedding gifts I received last year I came across some thing that I have always treasured and will always treasure and I would like to share it here with you all.

 (from: Angeline)
 (From my Matron of Honour : Handmade by Josephine )
 (From my Matron of Honour:  Handmade by Laura)
These are the love and expression of heart felt wishes. It over whelms me to know how much effort has been put into these. Thank you for the Joy you guys bring our way.

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