Friday, 7 December 2012

Krocies Crocodile Shop @ Old Klang Road, KL

Few weeks back Oliver and I were revisiting his college area at the Pearl Point Shopping Center (not sure what its called now). 

Well, we came across a store selling white meat. Now White meat to me is Chicken. To my surprise the shop was selling Crocodile Meat. Krocies Crocodile Shop. Can you believe it? I mean Crocodile Meat in Malaysia? I wouldn't be surprised to find such stores in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, but Malaysia? Well what do we know.

Apparently, Krocies import their "materials" from crocodile farms in East Malaysia. They sell crocodile meat which is healthy - low in fat and high in protein. Other then crocodile meat they even sell other crocodile related products such as balms, oils, a real stuffed crocodile and souvenirs. 

Do check out their website for more info.

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