Thursday, 8 November 2012

Baby Lukas' Full Month / Full Moon Celebration in KL

I can't say "recently", as this was last month. But yeah we celebrated Baby Lukas' Full Moon. It was on the 6th of October. However, friends and family got together to celebrate on 7th as it was a Sunday. 

Full Moon (Man Yue) is a Chinese custom that celebrates the baby's first month. Lukas' Poh-Poh (grandma), Gung-Gung (grandpa), Gu-Gu (aunt), Gu Fu (uncle) and Jie Jie (cus Sis) flew all the way from Sibu and his cus aunt flew from Kuching to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness with us. We had a table booked at Tai Thong: Imperial City Restaurant in Cheras for a family dinner on the 6th. We were a bit late due to traffic jam and were so hungry that we actually forgot to take pictures of the food served. 

Family picture at Tai Thong Restaurant

Since my mom's house in KL can't accommodate many people at the same time so hubby and I decided to have an "open-house" on Sunday. I guess it was a good idea since we got to meet and catch up with friends and church members at a deeper level. The only drawback was that it was tiring. 

The night before the full moon day my sis Binny and sis-in-law Jen Lin stayed up late to put up the balloons and the banner that I had handmade. Thank you both for helping out. Here are the busy beeee....s 

Oh! my grandma who is 81 and little Phoebe (2 years old) also helped to blow the balloons.

Grandma helping with deco..

BeBe with balloon..

The "open house" - our doors were opened from 12 PM till mid-night. Friends and family visited us and baby Lukas from as near as the same taman and as far as Kuching and Sibu. Thank you all for coming and participating in our joy.

 In the evening we had planned a surprise birthday dinner for my mom as she was turning 50. It all went well. The guests were wonderful - my mom was thoroughly surprised - she had no idea of us cooking up something.

50th birthday celebration with grand son



Last but not the least -  here are the ang pows and gifts baby Lukas received. Thank you all for being such a blessing to Lukas and us.


  1. i want to see and hold baby Lukas too!!! he is so cute!!! praise the Lord that baby is growing healthy =D

  2. What fun! I love the pics of blowing up the balloons. My grandma could never do that. =0) Congrats on the baby!

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  3. I love learning about different customs like Full Moon (Man Yue.) It looks like such a happy occasion, congratulations!


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