Tuesday, 4 December 2012

An Interesting Evening

What am I doing here at this hour? Oh well, I had coffee and now I can't sleep.
Anyways, since I can't sleep I thought of hoping here to share this post. Baby Lukas hasn't been out of the house for almost 2 days. So today we decided to go Straits Quay and stroll with him. When we were ready to go he fell a sleep. We decided to wake him up - I got him dressed up and we were about to leave when he poo-ed.  This went on until the sun was down - good bye strolling...sigh!!

Now that the sun was down and walking around in dark wouldn't be so fun we still decided to go. When we came to Straits Quay what do we see?

The evening got interesting as we stepped towards the SQCC at 6th floor.

Hubby and I love books, so we spent the evening here.

While for baby Lukas - he was tied up in the stroller and had to tag along mom and dad. Not very interesting evening for him but his eyes brighten up as we walked around admiring the Christmas tree and the lights.

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