Friday, 1 March 2013

Generation Fall Of Cybertron : Soundblaster

It was Valentine's Day and since it was CNY I had no time to get anything for my dear hubby. So on the eve of Valentine's Day while we were in the mall, I had to run this errand. I asked Oliver if we could go for a drink, he agreed. We went to Manna Cafe and I ordered the usual.

I excused myself for 15 minutes saying that it was "baby's bonding time with daddy" and left Oliver alone with Lukas at the Cafe (It's so good to have Lukas around), ran to Parkson - I knew what I wanted to get him. Bought the stuff - got it wrapped at the counter and got back to the Cafe.

I guess when he saw the package - wrapped - he could tell what I was up to. Due to the shape of the box he could tell what it was - but not really. For he wasn't sure if it was Soundwave or Soundblaster and the curiosity was killing him. He had to wait until mid night to find out what it was. I had fun.

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