Thursday, 3 January 2013

I am a "Guest Designer"

Well this happened a couple of weeks ago. A dear friend of mine emailed me - sharing that she was going to host a Challenge Blog starting from 2013. I was excited for her. I have known her for sometime now and I regularly follow her craft blog and videos. I know her to be an inspiring and talented crafter. After sometime she emailed me again and asked me to be her Guest Designer. Well, I was excited and but December being the busiest month with Christmas, travelling and family around I told her I can be her February. Can't make it to be her January. To cut the long story short she insisted and I agreed.  I was leaving Penang (where all my craft stuff lay) on the 12th  so I thought to finish this project before that and send it to her. But it didn't happen. I totally forgot about it. When I got to Sibu I had nothing with me. I didn't know what to use.

I prayed and asked God to help. Well he is our creator he created us and every thing around us. So he got to help me create this project, rite?! Now since I didn't have any craft material to make the card. I decide to check my room, hopefully to find some things I can use. I found a paper bag, some ribbons a friend passed to me and a pack of Pot Pourri I bought 2 years ago. So these are the materials I used to create the card for Catchy Challenges.

Do visit this Challenge Blog and do participate if you are up for it. The Challenge is very sweet and simple. I had to make a Birthday Card using 2 Pattern Papers, a ribbon, a sticker and a sentiment. And here is my take!!


  1. all the time i was wondering what you could have used to such a lovely flower center .. and now i know the story behind potpourri flower center :D lovely card !

    1. thanks Ayesha for your comment.... haha...yeah...we got to be innovative rite?


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