Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Remaining hydrated with the "living water".

Since I got pregnant, my OB as well as everything I read (online and books) and everyone I met stressed on being "hydrated". Even though sometimes you know it, but you can't do it. Yeah, I knew I had to increase my intake of fluid, but with the changing hormones - I just couldn't do it. 

Water tasted so bitter that I would put a little, tiny bit of salt or squeeze a lime - so that I can drink some. Mama milk was out of option - I would throw up. Pregnancy goodies like -chicken soup and so on would make me dizzy.  

At about week 12 -  my OB couldn't find the baby, she said, "Can't see clearly," (maybe the water is low). Since then I have been drinking more water to keep myself as well as the baby hydrated. Being the first-time mom - I was worried. Went online - logged on to babycenter.com and read all that I could on amniotic fluid (the water in the womb). Now what does this water do to my baby and why is it important?  Let's see...

  • It cushions the baby to protect him from trauma (if I take a tumble, for instance).
  • It prevents the umbilical cord from becoming compressed and reducing the baby's oxygen supply.
  • It helps maintain a constant temperature in the womb.
  • It protects against infection.
  • It allows the baby to move around so that his muscles and bones develop properly.
  • It helps the digestive and respiratory systems develop as the baby swallows and excretes it and "inhales" and "exhales" it from his lungs.

 Well, I am not good with understanding and explaining medical science with theology, but when my OB couldn't find my baby at week 12 - that's when I realised how important it is to remain hydrated, and how important this water is for the baby - a water that gives LIFE - it's like the living water that gives life. Water that sustains life. 

Jesus said something about the living water, didn't he? 

Maybe this is what he meant when he said, "I am the living water". When Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman in John 4, he talked about the living water - the living water that would quench her thirst - the living water that would become a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John 4:14). If we compare the amniotic fluid with Jesus' living water we can learn that this living water that Jesus promises...
  • It cushions a Christian to protect him/her from trauma (if you take a tumble/ back slide, for instance).
  • It prevents a Christian's calling from becoming "compressed".
  • It helps maintain a constant communication with Christ. 
  • It protects against bad /sinful influence.
  • It allows a Christian to move around so that his/her faith in Christ develops properly.
  • It helps to meditate the Word and experience the Holy Spirit to develop the Christian's life and mission - to accept (swallow) God's will and let go (excrete) selfish desires. "Inhaling" his presence and "exhaling" the rest.

A pregnant woman - a mother - has to keep herself hydrated to keep her baby healthy, growing and alive. Similarly, one must replenish the "living water" - Christ himself, as much as one can, to keep oneself  healthy, growing and alive in Christ.


  1. congrats on your pregnancy. i hope your well hydrated and doing good.

    blogging around-bluecrayons

  2. Yay a Christian blog :DDDDD Love it ^-^ Congratz on being pregnant :D

    God bless you :D
    Greetings from Swapbot


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