Saturday, 14 July 2012

An Unexpected Envelope

My hubby found this in my mailbox today. So excited to see a big envelope - a big stuffed envelope addressed to me :D .

I couldn't figure out what this was about. I checked the sender's address and it was from Canada. I wasn't expecting anything from Canada. Even the sender's name didn't ring a bell. There was no swap name or any detail on the envelope. I opened it carefully not knowing what was inside.

While opening the envelope - I was still thinking that this was a wrong swap. I didn't sign up for any craft or craft supplies swap. I went through each item carefully thinking, "Oh no! I'll have to return this to the person who sent this to me. It's a wrong swap."  ;(

It wasn't until I read the note in the envelope addressed to me that I realised that this was for me. It was ALL for me. It wasn't the wrong swap. I had forgotten all about it. 

Isn't this like an answered prayer? We ask God for many things desperately and persistently and after sometime we go about with our day to day life  forgetting what we prayed for. But Christ is faithful and he doesn't forget our prayers. AMEN!?

This is what I got in my Stuffed Envelope Swap.

 Things in the Envelope:
  • 1 Smash Stick : K&Company
  • 1 pack Laura Ashley Photo Corners
  • 2 Designer Rhinestones : Bling It
  • 1 pack Rhinestones (Butterfly) : KAISER scrapbook
  • 1 Clear Stamp : Studio g
  • 2 Scrapbooking papercraft: 7gypsies
  • 30 pieces color block brads - garden flowers : Queen & Co.
  • A colourful flower

PS: Thank you Josie for such a Surprise!! Felt like love in abundance.


  1. You're so welcome. I thought I'd help you get started with you scrapbook store. I personally need to liquidate mine.

    My husband and son are big collectors of Transformers/Beast Wars but mostly vintage. If he's in need of a particular character just let me know. I'd be glad to get rid of a few duplicates.


  2. hey, did I just read that you will soon be a mommy?! :D congrats you two!

  3. Surprises are wonderful, especially if they're expected but you forget to anticipate them! :)

  4. Love Comment Blog ♥ (7) Swap (2/3) Piimanyx

    Woah ! So funny ! A Smash Stick from K&Company >_< ! DO youn have a Smash book too ? I love them Smash Book ! I try to create my own.
    I love received package <3

  5. I love that when you forget about something and get a package in the mail. I've done that with some of the longer swaps!! Its like finding money in your jacket from the fall season :) swap Fawn18

  6. So lucky! That some great stuff. Love Comment Blog ♥ (7) sammylouise40

  7. I LOVE random acts of kindness :)


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