Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Toys for Boys

What would be the best gift for a girl? - we can easily count on our fingertips.

But when it comes to the selection of a gift for the beloved males in our family - we seem to struggle at each occassion. Well, I was struggling with the same issue few months ago. 

During our 4 years long distant courtship, my husband and I never got to celebrate any of those special days and occassions together. For our first anniversary, I was really struggling on what to give him. Something that he would like and appericiate, something that would not collect dust after sometime. 

Learning from past experiences, I have understood that the best gift you can give someone is something that THEY like - irrespective of how silly, inappropriate and irrelevent it might seem to you. For example I would like to send some really nice stationery (pens, stickers, notepads, and cute stuff ) to my cousin but she hates it; she prefers dolls, teddy and soft toys - those are what makes her happy. 

So after much thought this is what I have selected as our first wedding anniversary present for my beloved hubby. And it was a SUPER HIT!!!

He loved it, enjoyed it, posted it on facebook and tagged all his Transformers buddy. 

As for me: Mission Accomplished!! 

How do I know what to get for him? Well, be interested in what he is interested in ;)

 Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Exclusive Set: 
Takara Tomy's Transformers United

 Darkside Optimus Prime and Darkside Megatron


  1. I love you my dear ;)
    And love the present too (but love your MORE of course :p )

  2. Wish my wife would think like you Aarti!!! :P *psst... ok... don't go telling her that* *psst... may be a tiniee weeniee hint*


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