Monday, 13 August 2012

A Sacrifice without Defect

I watched The Da Vinci Code few months back. It's quite an interesting movie. I had watched it before - a long time ago - when it was released. Well, the questions about the divinity of Christ never posed any doubts or has never challenged my faith. Talking about the Holy Grail and descendants of Christ has never been an issue. I understand this book as a total work of fiction with some crazy twists involving historical details. Just like combining Transformers III: Dark of the Moon with the historic event of the first man on the moon. Like merging X-Men: First Class with the Cuban Missile Crisis. I guess we are smart enough to differentiate the truth from fiction (or are we?).

Well, regarding the Jesus issue in The Da Vinci Code - I believed that Jesus having any descendents or a family and so on didn't matter. I thought it doesn't make a difference if Jesus had any marital relationship or had a family - He was (is) still God. It doesn't make him different, or defiled. But after re-watching this movie I am forced to think and take a stand. Just as Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) says in the end of the movie, "A living descendent of Jesus Christ, will she (referring to Audrey Tautou) build your faith or destroy it?". 

I guess my stand is: 

  1. Christ did not come to have "companionship" or have family - to take a wife or make babies. He came to fulfill - to carry out his Father's will, and he carried it out all the way to the cross. 
  2. Regarding his relationship with Mary Magdalene - she was no more than a disciple, a believer and a follower. Christ's love for her would be the same as for me or as for any other woman.

Christ was a sinless sacrifice, a guiltless offering - innocent blood who took away the sins of the world (John 1:29). If Christ had any "such" relations with Mary Magdalene or any other woman per se - then that would make him an unworthy sacrifice. Wouldn't it? John refers to Christ as "The Lamb of God" - if we refer to Old Testament we learn that lamb offering was for atonement and the lamb or bull for the offering of atonement was to be without defect (Leviticus 1). And Christ is our atonement - a sacrifice without defect.


  1. Very well written and interesting article :) I enjoy reading it!
    (You should write more!)

    I especially like how you correlate Dan Brown's work to the movies (Dark of the Moon and X-Men) - showing that 'Da Vinci's Code' is nothing more than a fictional work intertwined with 'some' historical events.

  2. Excellent article. Your "take" on the intertwining of the historical and fictitious would make one lecturer in MBTS proud (at least one ). Shalom!

  3. Excellent article. Your "take" on the intertwining of the historical and fictitious would make one lecturer in MBTS proud (at least one ). Shalom!

  4. Very well written article. I just have one question, which always bothers me when people talk about whether or not Jesus had a wife or not. Where does it say that love is a sin? How would His taking a wife make him defiled? If he'd just had sex without being in love, sure, that would be defiling. OTH, if he was married to Mary Magdalene, that's a whole other can of worms...

  5. Interesting article you are very passionate about this subject and I enjoyed reading it.

    New Follower Katie (kcody03 at Swap-bot)

  6. I just rented the Da Vinci code after reading your blog it was interesting :) thank you! swap disneyfan18 ;)

  7. That was so well-written and very interesting!

    Kdiamond12321, Follow Me #4


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