Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goodie Bags for Mom-to-be

Both my husband and I were not able to attend the Prenatal classes offered by the hospital. While my OB in Penang was hosting these classes - Oliver was preaching and I was terribly in pain due to my first ever migraine - and we couldn't attend, even though we had registered for the classes long ago and paid in full. Thought the amount paid for the classes was not refunded but we did get the class materials and some baby stuff - sample diaper packs, car stickers, baby magazines and some sample baby products and some discount coupons from Mom's Care. We also received the Mummy bag from  Here is a picture of things we received from the Penang Adventist Hospital.

During my 7th month of Pregnancy I was invited to stay at my mom's in KL (Indian tradition). So we were visiting an OB at HUKM Specialist Center - this was also the hospital where my mom worked for almost 10 years. When we inquired about the Prenatal classes here in HUKM - they didn't have any for the month of August (due to raya) and July was super full with 16 couples and the one scheduled for September was way after my due date. So no baby classes for us in KL as well. But we did receive those goodie bags from them.

We have been reading and preparing ourselves for the things ahead. I also attended the classes online with - not sure if that gives one enough information. But we are trusting God and praying for a smooth and hiccup free delivery. Do pray with us!!

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